Pike Fishing

At Angling Services Ireland, we specialise in pike angling,
in order to protect stocks, we practice a strict Catch & Release policy with all pike.

We are a conservational-minded angling business. All pike caught are released again with a minimum amount of handling. Of course we do take a photograph of your catch and weigh it or measure if appropriate.
Irish pike fight exceptionally hard and grow quite large in these waters. Our targets are especially these big pike that inhabit so many Irish waters. But having said that, all fish caught are welcome and get treated with the respect they deserve.
Double figure pike are quite common and each year we boat a number of 20lbs+ fish and specimen pike over 30 lbs. are a real possibility. Many clients have caught their personal best pike with us in the past.

Why not give it a go yourself?

Pike angling methods:

Lure fishing, Fly-Fishing, Jerk-baiting, Trolling, Float-Trolling, various dead-bait methods are all routine to us and we gladly teach you any method you might be particularly interested in learning.
• Tuition can take place either individually or as part of a group workshop or seminar.
• Most of our Pike fishing is done from boats We will provide you with a life jacket and all other necessary safety gear. Our guiding boat in most cases is our brandnew (2011) Mirrocraft Aggressor Aluminium boat. This american fishing boat is the perfect platform for all pike and predator fishing, equipped with a large casting deck, 50hp Yamaha outboard, butt seat, swivel chairs, bow-mount trolling motor, rod holders and the latest in fishfinding/GPS technology.

Otherwise we have our 17 and 19 ft. fibreglass lake boats equipped with four-stroke outboard engines, rod-holders, anchors, fish-finder or even GPS/ Fish finder, or our linder aluminium boats.
• When guiding a maximum of three clients can be accommodated in the guides boat.
• For larger parties we either employ additional guides or put anglers in follow-on boats.


Pike Fishing (Loughs):

Nearly all fishing on the Loughs is done from boats. Our Boats have rod holders, anchor, drogue (if applicable) and all necessary safety gear as well as unhooking gear for pike. We also use sonar and GPS during our fishing.
• During a guided days boat fishing you can avail of our expertise as well as use our quality equipment. Methods we use include spinning, jerk baiting, trolling, float-trolling and fly-fishing.

Pike Fishing (River):

There are also some very good rivers for pike fishing in this part of the country. When the conditions are right, excellent sport can be had walking the bank just equipped with spinning or fly-tackle. Our guide will be on hand to put you on the best spots and to help land and release your catch.

Pike Fishing from Float-tubes:

There is an abundance of small to medium size Loughs in the area, most of which with a reasonable pike population and some even with excellent pike stocks. We like approaching these relatively undiscovered fisheries by fly-fishing from float tubes (belly boats).
These handy devices allow access even into the most hidden away lakes. Float-tubing can be one of the most exciting ways to catch fish and you certainly can’t get any closer to the fish than in a float tube.#

Other Predator Fishing


Perch are, it seems the overlooked Predator here in Ireland, although they exist in nearly every water in the country. We have always had an interest and appreciation for these stripey critters, as they can be great sport on balanced tackle. Modern lure techniques such as vertical jigging and drop-shot fishing are routine to us and can yield exceptional results at times. On request we can arrange guided perch fishing tours, or just do a mixed day while out pike fishing. We nearly always have the perch rods and tackle on board.

Ferox Trout

These Predatory Brown trout exist in some of our local lakes and we can try to target them during our outings. Trolling is usually the method to catch these Beauties.

Game Angling (seasonal)

Bodo Funke is a qualified and certified Game-angling guide and also offers guided fishing for wild brown trout, which inhabit many of our Loughs and rivers. Fishing styles, which largely depend on time of year and the seasonal fly hatches, include: dry fly, wet fly, nymph and streamer fishing. During the Mayfly hatches “Dapping” is another all time favourite on Irish Loughs.
Fishing on the Loughs takes place from boats.
For most river fishing waders are necessary. (At least thigh waders, though chest waders are preferable)
Fly-fishing for trout is also possible on some stocked fisheries, which hold either stocked brown trout, stocked rainbow trout, or both.
• Salmon and Sea Trout fishing is also available during Season and can be incorporated into a mixed itinerary package trip.

Sea Angling:

We also organise sea-fishing trips with some of the best Charter Skippers in counties Sligo, Mayo and Donegal. Our base in Boyle is a mere 40 km from the Atlantic coast. Species to be caught include: Mackerel, Pollack, Cod, Ling, Wrasse, Rays, Conger, Shark, and many more. It is the variety and quality of fish and the stunning scenery that makes sea angling in Ireland so interesting and enjoyable.